About Us

Just a little bit about us, the creators of this blog and vlog, “IfWeGoTo”! 🙂

Hi! We're Brandi & Alan!

We’re a couple originally from California who, in 2016, took a big leap over the Pacific and moved to Hawaii! We had never traveled before, but experiencing a completely new place and culture greatly inspired us to see more someday! Much sooner than expected, in 2018, a mishap led to an opportunity to travel full-time. We took it and instantly fell in LOVE with the lifestyle. We knew we did not want to stop traveling any time soon – so we didn’t!

During the events of 2020, we ended up stuck in Australia. From there, we launched our YouTube channel and blog. With them, we have been able to document so many special memories through videos, photos, and posts, connect with people from all over the world via social media, and have an amazing hobby and creative outlet on the road! As we continue, we hope to build more connections, creatively capture and share a bit of the world, and maybe even help others on their own travels. 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is always changing for us, but it has always been some combination of: remote work, social media, investments, savings, credit card rewards, and carefully planning to always find the best deals!

We wrote a full breakdown on this topic a while back. It doesn’t include everything we just listed nor reflect our current situation, but you can read more about how we paid for our first few years of travel here!

Maybe we are biased, but our absolute favorite destination is Hawaii!
Internationally though, we would probably say Brandi’s favorite is Australia and Alan’s is Bonaire.

This varies and is a bit different for every trip, but we typically start our search with a budget in mind and ensuring that we have the proper documentation to meet a country’s entry requirements, as well as consider visa limitations for our intended destination.

From there, we typically plan our trips using Skyscanner and Google Flights as search engines to find affordable flights, followed by searches on AirBnB, Agoda, and other search engines like Expedia to find accommodations – booking directly with hotels and airliners if possible. We generally try to avoid long-hauls and flying where we can, so we also often search for local transit companies that offer trains, buses, and ferries to get around as options!

Prior to arriving we often seek out recommendations from others and reference google, other blogs, Youtube, and other social media sites for more information about a destination. But, because of our flexible schedules and sometimes lengthy visits to a spot, we often learn as we go and find great spots along the way.

One more important consideration we make before arriving is how we will get from the airport or bus/train station to our accommodations and how we will stay connected. We try to plan routes and figure out local transit options prior to arriving to avoid any confusion/headaches and also try to figure out how to obtain a local SIM card (in addition to having both Google Fi and ATT International Day Pass as backups) as quickly as possible, so that we can stay connected to the internet at all times! 

This is a very broad question and we could go WAY more in depth about this! If you are interested in a full article or video, let us know!

We have full lists of all of our gear that you can browse here!

It is not as hard as you would think! But it is important to maintain a schedule and prioritize your work. 

Some digital nomads have more flexible schedules, but we often had to stay on USA working hours. This means in places like Asia and Australia we worked from ~12am to 8am (and a day ahead!). In Europe, we were working from ~4pm to 12am. In the Pacific that meant ~4am to 12pm. Longer travel days were strictly kept to weekends.

It can be challenging and you will have to make some sacrifices, but it’s possible to work in plenty of time for work, sleep, and play! The best part though? You never get jet lag always staying on the same schedule! The worst? It makes some locations nearly impossible to work and live in. 

If you are more flexible, we still recommend making and maintaining a schedule for yourself and sticking to it to stay productive! 

The hardest part is definitely starting – you just have to go for it! Just start documenting and you can slowly work on improving your skills later. We’re hoping to create some Youtube tutorials one of these days, but until then quick google search will provide you with the resources you need to get started! 🙂

This question is too hard! But our favorite meal ever was at a Georgian restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine. 🙂

Picking a name was so difficult! We knew we wanted something unique, creative, and because this was initially started as a blog to help other people on their own travels, something that was more inclusive than just “Alan and Brandi.”

We debated on so many different handles, but Alan eventually came up with this one!

We thought it was perfect because the name reflected our tendency to go with wherever the world took us. When planning the next leg of our journey, we would quite literally ask ourselves, “What if we go to…?”

We’ve considered changing it as it grew into other forms of media. For some reason, the name seems to be confusing to native English speakers. Even our own friends and family were forgetting it and saying, “If we go… there…?” Hahaha.

However, we’ve now spoken with many people from around the world about it. Across many different cultures and languages, many have independently told us that they love how it sounds and how easily the name translates. So we’re sticking with it! 🙂